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Patio Doors

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Sliding door in interior
Patio door in interior

Patio doors

Vinyl patio glass doors

Our vinyl replacement sliding glass doors will enhance the look of any home while adding functionality and elegance. All of our patio doors exceed the latest energy efficiency ratings, include double-locking systems, and come equipped with a brand new screen. Let us help you re-create the feeling of larger living space with a new replacement sliding door.

Features that make patio doors the perfect fit

Vinyl material windows

Vinyl material

100% recyclable vinyl material, designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions without any extra care. Vinyl is proven to be more robust, more durable, and thus more reliable. No painting, staining or refinishing required.

Fusion welded sashes and frames

Fusion welded sashes and frames

Fusion-welded construction makes a remarkable structural integrity that significantly exceeds ordinary mechanical window design's strength. Fusion welding makes our window frames and sashes stronger.

Multi-Chambered Frame

Multi-Chambered Frame

Well engineered multi-chambered frame profile offers much stronger welded joints and increased rigidity without creating cold bridges. Our multi-chambered frames provide superior strength along with optimal thermal performance as well as enhanced acoustic performance.

Insulated glass unit

Insulated glass. Argon Glass Filling

Insulated glass slows heat transfer, keeping your home a more comfortable temperature. Our thermal glass units ensure the climate in your home is stable, regardless of the seasons. Argon is a non-toxic, odorless gas that is heavier than air and helps reduce the convection between the panes of glass. It also prevents condensation inside the insulated glass unit.

Double- or triple-pane glass units

Double- or triple-pane glass units

Our replacement windows have two or three glass layers joined together to create a sealed chamber that acts as a thermal buffer. This reduces direct heat transfer through the glass as well as helps prevent ice build-up.

Double and/or triple pane units are available with different types of coated glass (LoE), colors (tints), or patterns. All glass units on exterior exposed surface come with a coating which allows fast and low maintenance cleaning.

The gaps within the insulated glass units are created with the most energy efficient spacer systems.

Chambers between the glass can be filled with dry air or with argon gas improving thermal and acoustical performance.

Spacer system

Spacer system

Most durable spacer system: patented U-shaped design offers superior flexibility with no load on the sealant eliminating seal failures.

Superior warm edge performance: meets or exceeds all U.S. Energy Star® requirements.

Super Spacer Premium features:

  • Low conductivity
  • Edge-seal durability
  • Highly breathable flexible foam matrix
  • High desiccant content for moisture absorption
  • Flexibility
  • Argon gas retention
Low-E glass

Dual Layered Low-E

Our energy-efficient vinyl windows come standard with two layers of Low-E glazing. Low-E is a micro-thin silver-based coating baked onto the glass surface that helps minimize UV and infrared light from penetrating the glass.

Interlocking sashes

Interlocking Sashes

Our double-hung, slider windows and doors have meeting rail profiles with an integrated interlocking system where the sash frames engage along their interface and pull tightly together. This unique feature reduces air infiltration and increases security.

Patio Doors

WarmDreams is the leader of patio door replacements in the Chicagoland Area

More than three thousand local customers have already entrusted us to install the best doors in their homes. We provide a lifetime warranty on all our products and always stay in touch with our devoted customers.

Have you ever thought about a brand-new patio door? If not, now is the time. You will be simply amazed by their curb-appeal and overall functionality. A double sliding patio door from WarmDreams will undoubtedly boost the exterior of your home and add elegance and functionality.

All doors have the highest ratings of energy efficiency. They are equipped with the newest screen technology and contain double-locking systems.

The main reasons for replacing a patio door

There are many reasons why you may need a brand-new patio door. Please, check out some signs that show the necessity to get a helping hand from WarmDreams:

Thus, if you have noticed any of the mentioned signs with your doors, it is now to call us at 312-414-9298 and make an appointment.

Where to Buy Patio Doors?

WarmDreams is the most trusted and experienced installer of patio doors in the Chicagoland Area. We offer a wide range of doors and provide full construction services. The main features of our patio doors are:

So, if you are still thinking about where to buy sliding patio doors, call us now at 312-414-9298 or send an email at Our experts will help you to select the most appropriate option for your home. We will be happy to use your design and preferences to provide you with the modern patio door of your dreams.

How do experts of WarmDreams deal with replacement patio doors?

It is effortless and pleasant to deal with WarmDreams. The process of our cooperation usually takes two days and consists of the following simple steps:

Day 1

Our experts come to you at any convenient time. They inspect your patio doors and measure all the necessary dimensions. They provide you with patio door replacement variants, colors, styles, and prices. We gladly listen to your ideas and preferences and consider them thoroughly. After the final decision is approved, your order is authorized.

Day 2

After the new patio doors are ready, we visit you again at the pre-arranged time. The WarmDreams installation crew will install all new doors and keep you informed on the project status during the day. After the work is finished, we clean up all the debris and show how to operate with new mechanisms. If you wish, our crew can take away your old doors.

Now, you know how easy and comfortable it is to work with WarmDreams!

We are the best place to buy patio doors

WarmDreams is the most trusted installer of patio doors in the Chicagoland area. We offer budget-friendly and perfectly-manufactured doors for all Illinois families. WarmDreams is a local company that thousands of local residents have had their expectations exceeded with.

Don't waste your time scanning the Web for other companies. Take advantage of WarmDreams door installation services. Save your time and energy. We guarantee a flawless, smooth, and fully communicative process.

Be sure that your doors are in the best hands! Please, feel free to contact us today.

If you wish to get all the comprehensive info on our installing patio doors projects, please, give us a call today at 312-414-9298.

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